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Squaw Valley Lodge: Owners Page

Welcome to the login page for the Squaw Valley Lodge Homeowners. Owner's Hotline: 888-797-4853

A Message from Jeff Chamberlin: 

Dear Valued Owners, 
Last year, along with your unit annual review scores, we included a notice of adding a "Premium" unit category for our rental units. This Premium category would be reserved for those owners who have made a concerted effort and investment to maintain their condominium to a top-quality standard. The addition of a Premium tier will allow the capture of a greater percentage of the rental market where discerning travelers, who already value the convenient location of the Squaw Valley Lodge, are ready to pay a premium rate for these top-quality experiences. As you are aware, technology is giving customers increasing choices about where to stay. Maintaining a high standard for the condos is part of what keeps these customers returning year after year in order to maximize rental revenues for our condo owners. 
For units to be considered Premium units will required: 
All countertop surfaces must be upgraded to quartz or granite. Tile will not be allowed in either kitchens or bathrooms. 
New appliances (must be less than 3 years old) and must be superior quality appliances. 
Full bathroom remodel including fixtures, toilets, floors and tubs/showers. 
Painting in the full unit must be done no less than every 5 years. 
Flooring and carpet must be updated and in good condition. 
Electrical outlets or appliances near bedsides must have USB charging capabilities. Additional USB charging ports should be available in at least one other location in the unit (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, or living rooms) 
Unit will be inspected annually for wear and tear. Recommended repairs must be made within the next construction season. 
We are working with a local designer to help us put together a list of suggested materials and design elements and will be releasing information on best options for upgrade packages. Our intent is to provide you with a few alternatives that will update your unit to be pleasing to both you and future Premium guests. 
As always, we appreciate your feedback and questions as we move toward this new product offering at Squaw Valley Lodge. 

Winter Updates:

Bell Carts: 
We have recently added 6 new bell carts to our "fleet" and have taken 4 of the older bell carts out of service. We are finding that a number of Owners and guests are taking bell carts to their unit the night before they plan to check-out. While we understand the desire to pack up the night before and get a rolling start. On heavy check-out days, we need them to be available for use. Please do not store bell carts in your unit overnight. Please deliver them back to the bell cart storage areas in each garage so that other Owners and guests can use them. 
Owner Parking Passes: 
When Squaw Valley Lodge fills up, particularly if it is a snowy year, we request that all Owners display the Owner Parking Passes on their dashboards. This makes it easier for the staff to monitor the parking lot to ensure that only Owners and registered guests are using our parking garages. 
Pet Reminders: 
We love seeing your furry family visiting with you. It is always worth mentioning that Owners need to keep pets on leash at all times when walking through the public areas. And please remember to pick up after your pet outside as well. Thank you! 
New Water Fountain: 
In our efforts to stay environmentally-friendly, we have installed a new water fountain near the spa/locker rooms with a convenient bottle filler option. Along with that, we are eliminating plastic cups around the locker room and spa areas. Please bring your reusable water bottles to fill up for drinking and if you happen to forget them, we have some on sale at the front desk! 
Thank you. 
Jeff Chamberlin, MBA, CCAM 
Squaw Valley Lodge General Manager 
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