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Squaw Valley Lodge Guests Safety Plans

Below is detailed information for Squaw Valley Lodge Safety Plans and Protocols. We take our commitment to cleanliness and care very seriously and are working to ensure the wellbeing of our Guest, Owners and Staff.


Please know that upon your arrival at Squaw Valley Lodge-

All guest and owners will be asked to sign an acknowledgment letter asking questions about your health and recent contacts over the previous two weeks:

  • • Have you or anyone in your party had COVID-19 within the last two weeks?
  • • Have you or anyone in your party been in close contact with anyone who has or had COVID-19 within the last two weeks?
  • • Are you or anyone in your party currently awaiting results from a COVID-19 test?
  • • If any of the representations made above changes, I/we will immediately notify Squaw Valley Lodge.

If "Yes "is your answer to any of the health questions, you will not be able to check into Squaw Valley Lodge. Safety for our guests, owners, and staff is our top priority. Please let us know pre-arrival if you have any of these issues.


Quick Information for your Stay

  • • Masks are mandatory in all public areas at the property per California state mandate.
  • • Sanitizing Stations are located throughout the hotel.
  • • Disposable masks are available at the Front Desk.
  • • All mid-stay housekeeping services are discontinued. The only departure cleans are available.
  • • Maintenance staff will only enter occupied rooms in case of an emergency.
  • • Squaw Valley Lodge will not be giving out any items historically provided at the front desk, such as spa towels, DVDs, games, newspapers, etc. 
  • • The Pool will open May 28th.
  • • BBQs are open.
  • • The Spa Tubs, Steam Room, Sauna, Locker Rooms/Showers and Massage Therapy services are closed until further notice per California state mandate.
  • • Coffee service has been discontinued until a later date.
  • • Ponderosa and Granite Chief Meeting rooms are closed until further notice.

check-in Details for Squaw Valley Lodge 

Social distancing notifications, face coverings and signage

Front Desk 

  • • Front Desk Staff are required to wear facial coverings at the Front Desk. 
  • • Reusable/Washable masks have been distributed to every employee and disposable masks are available upon request.  Disposable gloves are available and required for package handling and any agent/guest interaction with a non-sanitized surface. 
  • • Workstations are six feet apart with acrylic barriers erected.
  • • Floor spacing guidelines are in place to visually guide social distancing while in line or waiting at the front Desk.
  • • At check-in, Registration cards are placed around the protective barrier with a sanitized pen for signature.
  • • Credit card readers have been adjusted to be guest facing and accessible for the guest to swipe their card directly.
  • • Agents will ask guests to confirm the Credit Card on file as the one they would like to keep on record to minimize credit card transactions.
  • • All used/ pens are removed at the time of use, then collected for sanitation and cleaning nightly.
  • • Only sanitized keys are distributed to guests. Room Keys are disinfected upon return. A "dirty key" lidded container is placed in the housekeeping office and at the Front Desk to collect keys to be sanitized. Upon sanitization, cleaned keys are place in the Clean Key Container.
  • • Counters and surfaces are disinfected on an hourly basis with CDC/EPA List-N certified to kill COVID-19 chemicals.
  • • Dirty pens are separated from clean pens. All pens are collected for sanitation and cleaning nightly
  • • Squaw Valley Lodge will not be giving out any items historically provided at the front desk, such as spa towels, DVDs, newspapers, etc.

Highlights of In-Room Cleaning and Maintenance

HEPA Vacuums: Squaw Valley Lodge has purchased a new fleet of HEPA Vacuum Cleaners. The most important features of these heavy duty commercial / industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners is that they are 100 percent sealed so absolutely zero contaminates are blown back into the air while vacuuming.[Right click to move up/down]

Electrostatic Sprayers: Squaw Valley Lodge will be spraying every room as part of its new cleaning protocols for guest and employee's safety. Our new Electrostatic Sprayers' add an electrical charge to disinfecting solutions, allowing them to wrap surfaces in the hotel room with an effective and even coverage of disinfectant. With this sprayer we can achieve a precise disinfecting application while reducing the time and amount of chemicals needed to safely sanitize all the room's surfaces.


Below are cleaning Details for all areas of the Hotel and staff Training

Detail Areas


  • • Signs are placed at every elevator landing restricting occupancy to two people at a time exceot for persons in the same household.
  • • Buttons interior/exterior are sanitized with CDC/EPA List-N certified disinfectant.

Marked Entrances and Exits 

  • • Squaw Valley Lodge doors are propped open as much as possible to encourage contactless entrance.
  • • To the extent possible, entrances and exits are marked as "IN" or "OUT" to direct foot traffic and where it is not possible, signs are posted advising guests to give the person in the doorway time to clear it before walking through.
  • • Signs indicating dedicated one-way traffic through stairwells are placed across the property. Where that is not possible signs advising guests to practice social distancing and limit stairwell occupancy to one party at a time.

Lobby furniture 

  • • All furniture items that can accommodate more than one person at a time has been removed from the Lobby. Tables have also been removed to avoid congregating. All furniture is set up with recommended social distancing guidelines. This applies to the main lobby area, TV nook, and Building 7 lobby. 

Common Area Sanitizing Station Locations

Bell Carts 

  • • No-touch paper towel dispensers and a courtesy bottle of CDC/EPA List-N certified disinfectant are placed at bell cart collection points across the property.

Elevator Landings 

  • • Elevators are sanitized hourly with CDC/EPA List-N certified disinfectant.
  • • Hand Sanitizer stations are placed at every elevator landings across the property.


  • • Hand Sanitizer stations are located near the front desk and at the lobby elevator landing.


Common Area Cleaning Programs

Common Areas are cleaned between 7am - 10pm daily.

  • • High Touch areas such as doorknobs, bars, handles, elevator buttons, are sanitized hourly using CDC/EPA List-N certified disinfectant.
  • • Public Bathrooms are sanitized with CDC/EPA List-N certified disinfectant every hour in addition to normal cleaning services.
  • • Stairwell railing and door handles are sanitized hourly.
  • • Furniture is sanitized hourly.

Common Area Amenities

  • • BBQs are available.
  • •The Fitness Center open and we are taking reservations at the Front Desk to use the facilities.
  • • The Spa Tubs, Steam Room, Sauna, Locker Rooms/Showers and Massage Therapy services are closed until further notice per California state mandate..
  • • The Pool is closed for the winter.



  • • All mid-stay housekeeping services are discontinued. The only departure cleans are available. 
  • • In-room items- All paper products in the room are converted to single-use: toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue will all be removed after every guest checkout regardless of user level. 
  • • Magazines, note pads, pens, directories are all removed from units.
  • • Industry-wide guidelines suggest the removal of non-washable items from rooms much possible. This includes throw pillows, sashes, bed runners, decorative bedspreads, etc. These items will be removed.
  • • A quarantine/natural sanitizing program is being researched to reduce paper waste and lower cost as more data emerges on COVID-19 virus lifespan on paper product surfaces.


  • • Maintenance staff will only enter occupied rooms in case of an emergency.
  • • Maintenance staff will wear masks and other PPE as needed to get the job done.
  • • If the item is not critical to safety or health, maintenance will repair after the guest departs.
  • • If the item is critical to health or safety, we will either move the guest to a different room or ask them to depart the room while our staff works to repair/replace the issue. The repair will be done with staff following all safety protocols and using N95 masks and eye protection.

Employee Safety and Training Plans 

Employee PPE 

  • • Employees are required to wear facemasks in all public spaces.
  • • Every GPM employee has been provided with a reusable cloth face mask. Replacements are available upon request at no cost. Disposable facemasks are available upon request.
  • • Hand sanitizer, alcohol-based wipes, cleaning solutions, and paper towels are, available at the Front Desk office and Housekeeping office.
  • • Disposable Latex and Nitrile gloves available in all sizes for use in multiple departments, specifically Front Desk and Housekeeping. 
  • • Hand sanitizer, alcohol-based wipes, cleaning solutions, and paper towels are, available, at the Front Desk office and Housekeeping office.

Employee Physical Distancing 

  • • All SVL workstations are at least 6' apart in compliance with physical distancing protocols. 
  • • All in-person meetings are limited. Meetings are held via conference call or when necessary with appropriate physical distancing.
  • • Employees will not share the use of co-workers' tools, equipment, phones, computers, and desks. If an item must be shared, alcohol-based wipes or paper towels and spray cleaner will be used to clean before and after use.
  • • Employee Shifts are staggered for as little overlap as possible.

Employee Training Program 

Granite Peak Management's new policies are integrated into department-specific training plans including employee protocols and checklist for sanitation, guest and employee interactions, and what actions to take if a coworker, guest, or themselves develop COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • • Each department has new sanitation protocols, employee training plan, and safety plan review for each job and COVID-19 specific job duties.
  • • The Front Desk has new rewritten operational AM and PM checklists to incorporate new sanitation procedures and COVID-19 policies. Plans include specific policies to follow when receiving physical articles from vendors, guests, and owners as well as actions to take if COVID19 is suspected. 

Housekeeping Specific Training 

  • • Supervisors and housekeepers are trained on new sanitation chemicals and procedures for in-room and common area cleaning including a focus on high-touch points (doorknobs, remotes, common areas, stair rails, etc.).

Maintenance Specific Training 

  • • Training includes best practices to avoid exposure for repairs and maintenance

Vendors, Mail, and Deliveries  

  • • Signage and spacing markings will direct vendors and customers to the appropriate locations and ensure physical distancing.  Staff will require vendors to follow current recommendations.  
  • • All vendors will be screened at the point of address. If the vendors answer "yes" to any of the following questions, he/she should not be permitted access to the location: 
  • • Have you been confirmed positive for COVID-19?   
  • • Are you currently experiencing, or recently experienced, any acute respiratory illness symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath?   
  • • Have you been in close contact with any persons who have been confirmed positive for Covid-19? 
  • • Have you been in close contact with any persons who have traveled and are also exhibiting acute respiratory illness symptoms?
  • • After delivery is received or mail is distributed, the staff will dispose of gloves and wash or sanitize their hands.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These plans and sources are being updated continuously. Granite Peak Management staff is monitoring many different resources and will update this plan whenever it is appropriate. These plans have been developed using various industry sources, including: 

  • • Cal-OSHA COVID-19 Industry Guidance - Hotels and Lodging
  • • Cal-OSHA COVID-19 General Checklist for Hotel and Lodging Employers
  • • Guest Supply Hotel Re-Opening Checklist
  • • CHLA COVID-19 Clean and Safe Guidance for the Hotel Industry
  • • CHLA COVID-19 Clean and Safe Checklist
  • • County of Los Angeles Dept. of Public Health Protocols for Reopening of Swimming
    Pools in Shared Residential Facilities
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